How To Get More Affiliates To Join Your Affiliate Program?

The purpose of this post is to give you a method by which you can get more affiliate marketers to join your program so your sales increase and so does your income.

One of the most effective methods to get affiliates for your program is by having your current affiliates bring their other affiliate friends to join your program.

For example:

Assume you currently have 5 affiliates that bring traffic to you.

Each of those 5 affiliates brings 2 of their friend affiliates to join your program.

You now have 10 new affiliates + 5 previous affiliates = 15 total affiliate marketers

Now those 15 affiliates bring 2 more of their affiliate friends to join and promote your program.

You’ll have 30 + 15 = 45 affiliates

Not only this method brings lots of affiliates, it brings the high quality ones i.e. you get affiliates that actually bring targeted traffic and generate sales for you, not just some ‘wanna be affiliates’.


Just like you are paying your affiliates money for bringing customers to you, you have to give them some incentive to bring their affiliate friends to you.

The incentive you give is up to you, here are some ideas:

First: A fixed amount of money in exchange of bringing a fixed number of approved affiliates (affiliates approved by you).

So, you can offer $50 dollars to bring 5 approved affiliates.

Note: It is important that you approve those affiliates or you could end up paying money for useless affiliates that would never bring you any sales.

When you approve affiliates, you check whether they are legit affiliate marketers who have a solid platform and have successfully done affiliate marketing previously.

Second: A physical gift for bringing a fixed number of approved affiliates.

Like, a phone, a laptop, vacation ticket etc. for bringing 20 new approved affiliates.

Third: A contest among affiliates with prices of different range.

Whoever brings most new approved affiliates gets a T.V, the second highest gets a laptop and so on.

In this case there is no limit on the number of affiliates to bring. Your affiliates can bring as many new affiliates as they want and would get price

Forth: A 2 tier affiliate program

This is where your affiliates brings new affiliates and receive a part of their earnings.

For example:

One of your affiliates brings 2 new affiliates to you and those new affiliates earned $100 dollars in commission in a month, so the affiliate who brought them earns a fixed percentage of their earning like 5% (in this case $5 dollars)

There is no requirement for approving affiliates in this case since you only pay money after those new affiliates bring you sales.

A successful 2 tier affiliate program example is ClickFunnels affiliate program. They pay 5% in 2nd tier commission.

That means, if I give ClickFunnels a new affiliate and he earns $100 dollars by promoting ClickFunnels, I would get $5 without doing anything.

It also means that I would keep earning 5% of his earnings for life.

How To Make A Lot Of Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Are you aware of how big companies and top marketers make big money online?

You might think it’s because they make a lot of sales, which is partly true, they do make lot of sales but that’s not what earns them millions of dollars.

Majority of their money comes from people who keep buying from them again and again, not from one time buyers.

From where do you think companies like Amazon, McDonalds, Apple etc. gets most of their revenue from? One time buyers or regular customers?

People start off by buying a small product from Amazon like a book or a dress or pair of shoes, next thing you know everything they purchase online is from Amazon.

And Amazon make money repeatedly and regularly from those people.

Every real big business (there’s no exception to it at all) is built on repeated customers, not on one time buyers. This is the way of earning big money and having a big business.

In the same manner to earn big money from affiliate marketing the same strategy needs to be applied.

You can easily sell more products and high priced products (as affiliate) to people who have previously done business with you on the other hand if you try to sell high priced products to people who don’t know you and have never done any business with you, you’ll not make any sale at all.

To apply this concept in affiliate marketing you’ll need to first choose a series of affiliate products that increases in value and price.

You’ll require few products that goes up in price and divide them in level:

Level #1: A small and cheap product like a book

Level #2: A slightly higher priced product, like an online course

Level #3: A decently expensive product or a recurring billing product like a software or tool

Level #4: The most expensive and valuable product like your personal service or ticket to an event etc.

Since you’ll have to deal with repeated customers, you’ll need a way to contact them. The best one is email.

This is what you need to do…

Step #1: Get your audience’s email address by offering them some incentive in exchange

Step #2: In your free incentive, or through your emails, promote to your offer your first level product i.e. a small and cheap product like a book from Amazon.

Offer a bonus along with the product and ask your audience to send you an email with their purchase receipt to receive bonus. In this way you’ll separate email addresses of buyers and non-buyers.

Step #3: Send bonus to your buyers along with the sales message for the level 2 product.

Step #4: Promote level 2 product to your buyers regularly until they buy it. Use the bonus strategy you used previously to separate email addresses of buyers and non-buyers

Step #5: Do the same thing again and again and you’ll end up selling your most highly priced product.

One important thing for this strategy to work is that you sell valuable products. Your customers would only buy the higher priced product you’re recommending if they liked the product they previously bought upon your asking.

In other words, people only buys from Amazon again and again because they liked there service when they previously bought something from them.

If you’re not using this strategy than you’re constantly trying to get new one time buyers and are literally leaving majority of the money on the table.

How to promote affiliate products through banner ads?

In this post we’ll talk about how to make affiliate sales using banner ads.

Tip #1: Place banner ad at the most relevant place

Add your banner right after you mention either the product or a benefit that the product you’re promoting offers or a problem that your product solves.

It will get more clicks and more of those clicks would convert into sales.

Tip #2: Have a big sized banner

Dom wells from website; humanproofdesign, increased his sales by 1800% just by increasing the size of his banner.

Dom went from making $50 dollars per month in sales to $1000 dollars per month in sales

Making a banner big sized and clearly conceivable would surely increases the chances of it being clicked.

The image below is what Dom’s banner looked like

A big banner with clear image of product and simple CTA

Although he is promoting his own product, this strategy could be applied easily for promotion of an affiliate product too.

Tip #3: Reduce distractions

If you would add too many banners or give your audience too many links to click upon, the chances of any of them getting clicked would reduce

Use one big banner and try not to offer your audience too many options to click upon.