Affiliate marketing is simple. Isn’t it?

There really isn’t much to do

I mean you don’t have to create something or worry about delivery and customer service.

All you’ve got to do is send traffic to a special link.

And every time someone buys through that link you get a commission.

Now granted, you don’t have to worry about creating a product…

…but you do need to make sure that the product you choose to promote is valuable and worth your audience’s time.

Keep in mind, “Your recommendations reflect you”

So, if you’re promoting a shitty product then good luck making your first sale, but after that you won’t be able to sell more products to that customer.

On the other hand, if someone bought a product (recommended by you) that they liked…

…then they’ll happily check out other things that you recommend as well.

And in this way you can easily sell multiple products to the same customer.

That’s why value is always at the top.

But it’s not the only thing.

Another thing to consider is commission.

If the product is giving you small one time commission then why waste your time trying to sell it.

You’ll need to make a lot of sales just to get some decent money out of it.

Therefore an ideal product is something that servers your audience and at the same time gives you good commission for trading your time.

And here are few methods for finding such products:

Method #1: Using affiliate networks

There are a lot of things involved in affiliate management process like:
·        Creating links
·        Making affiliate tools
·        Tracking sales
·        Paying commissions etc
And most of the companies don’t want to indulge themselves in these activities.

Therefore what they do is they outsource the entire affiliate management process to an affiliate network.

These networks carry out all affiliate management activities for the companies, in exchange of a fixed monthly fee or a small percentage from every sale.

Such affiliate networks have large number of companies/merchants registered with them and this makes them the best place to find affiliate programs.

Some of the top affiliate networks are:
·        Commission Junction
·        Shareasale
·        Clickbank
·        Clickbooth
·        LinkShare
·        PeerFly
To start finding affiliate programs you first need to register an account with these networks.

Some of them like ‘Commission Junction’ and ‘Clickbank’ will accept you INSTANTLY.

Other networks have an approval process before they let you in. (Heads up! The network ‘Clickbooth’ is really strict in their approval process)

So, let me walk you through the searching process in Clickbank:

Step #1: Visit Clickbank (obviously!) and get an account.

Step #2: Login to your new account and click the link ‘marketplace’ at the top.

With ‘Clickbank’ you’ll get an affiliate link instantly once you click the button ‘Promote’.

But with most of the other networks you’ll first have to get approval from every individual merchant before you get the link.

So, for example:

Suppose you want to promote GoDaddy (the hosting company)…

What you’ll have to do is first find its affiliate program in ‘commission junction’ (GoDaddy uses CJ) and send a request to GoDaddy for permission to promote them.

Their affiliate manager will then either approve your request (and you’ll get the link) or reject it (and you’ll not get the link).
Yeah! I know this sucks

But it’s important to prevent companies from spam marketers.

Method #2: Finding In-house affiliate programs

In-house affiliate programs are the programs that companies run themselves.

They manage all the affiliate management process and in most cases have an entire department focused towards affiliate marketing.

They perform every function themselves:
·        Creating links
·        Tracking conversions
·        Making payouts etc.

Since they’re not collaborated with any affiliate network…

…therefore you won’t find these companies listed in those networks.

But such companies (in most cases) have an affiliate page on their website.

And thus one way to find such programs is to look for their affiliate page.

One example of such a company is ‘ConvertKit’ (My favorite email tool)

You won’t find ConvertKit listed in any affiliate network.

To work with them you’ll have to visit their website>affiliate page and then join their program.

The best part about hosting an in-house affiliate program is:

Only people who’re aware of the company and use its products will know about its program.

Now granted this will result in less number of affiliates…

…but those affiliates wouldn’t be spam (promoting something just for the sake of earning commission).

And the companies end up having few but valuable affiliate marketers.